About Us

What inspires people to do great work? A sense of purpose!
What inspires them to do it right? Great leadership!

Jean Sagvold Simpson

Meet the visionary with passion to strategize, partner and give problems new solutions while creating positive outcomes. Driven by the challenge, of managing programs, within the confines of Federal, State and County governments, by placing customers first, have always delivered superb value with excellent results. With a unique perspective gleaned from two decades of working with non-profit, for-profit and government contracts, Jean brings analytical and fresh tools, a strong professional and community service experience, formal leadership training all to create “wins” with “ positive outcome “for small to mid-size enterprises.

Having attended and delivered professional development trainings and workshops throughout her career Jean is choosing to focus consulting on Business organizational development issues including: branding/identity, marketing, finance, operations, storefront and growth management. Specializing in Organizational change, strategic planning, long and short term growth planning, utilizing LEAN practices, risk management planning, public relations, media relations, technology and network infrastructure.

I bring the ability to quickly assess, uncover, discover, develop and implement strategic action plans for success by building strong teams! Specializing in methodical conversations, cohesively maintaining the integrity of your business, while integrating newly discovered solutions, strategies and procedures.

Kim Causey

Kim brings over 40 years of business experience to the table.  Using experience gathered from managing companies and owning his own businesses, he has taken several startups from being in one state to being in 38 states.

Today, he is focused on helping businesses better strategize their growth by looking at operational and organizational development issues. Kim advises in areas of branding/identity, marketing and sales, finance, operations, store visibility, growth management, organizational change, strategic planning, long and short term growth planning, risk management, public relations, media relates, and technology and network infrastructure.

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