Grinadola Academy

Welcome to Girandola Academy! 

We offer self- paced online training and we assist you along the way with any questions, brainstorming and assistance you might need. 

The beauty of our program is that each lesson is you building your business, The Business Toolkit is designed for you to use while setting up your business from beginning to end. 

Our students appreciate the ease of the program and that we are here to answer questions, ask thought provoking questions and guide them when needed. 

We like to meet with each participant, usually when they are in the design creation of the “money making models” as we have found this is where the most assistance is needed and a second look is valuable.  Though we are available to meet when each student feels they need help. We recommend the “idea to launch” 4-6 week training for $399.00. 

If you are drawing Unemployment- Once you fill in your SEAP application, you email to us at and we will fax in your application to ESD. ESD has a few week turn around, once you have your approval letter from SEAP, you simply come back to pur-chase the class and the book, and we will send you a course syllabus and links to get your started online. ESD allows a year to complete the training, which includes formal training, coaching and the building of your business, and we give your 24/7 access for 1 year also.  

Every 6 weeks you will receive a progress report from the state, you will simply fill in your portion and email it to us, we fill in our portion, as your training facility and send it in to ESD for you.  As a previous Employment Security Manager, I am able to assist you in understanding how your UI will work while you are building your business. We are so excited to help you plan, design, and start the business of your dreams!  

The ON DEMAND online training program course is broken down into a series of 24 small modules to help you move through the course at your pace. Enjoy the series of modules that are a core component to the ON DEMAND training program! We look forward to working with you as you design and launch your new business!

The course is integrated with the Entrepreneurial Edge “Small Business Toolkit’ by Tiffany McVeety. You can follow the link on our website or buy your books on  

If you have any questions, please feel free to call. Jean Simpson (Girandola Program Director) 425.530.7301