Looking Forward to 2020

Have you heard the phrase the apple didn’t fall far from the tree?

Genealogy – Family History – Old family photographs dating from around 1890 up to about 1950.

Have you ever stopped and written down all your relatives jobs, vocations or businesses?  And than been shocked to see that perhaps you hadn’t fallen far from that? This really is a thing, skill groups, interests, often time stay very clear in family lines. It might skip a generation, but the truth is we are what we eat, we do what we hear, we become what is around us. And that’s not a bad thing.

Perhaps your grandfather was a railroad conductor and you drive a truck or a bus? Is it the travel, the noise, the movement? What is the connection that kept your vocations so similar?

Be watching as we will be teaching a class on this in the first quarter of this year. History really can repeat itself in the form of a vocation, and it might just be what’s been missing in your life search! Come discover the beautiful weaving that is in your family vocational mapping and see where a look back, could be a leap forward!

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