#Medicare Matters – Day 1

Well it was a long trip down I-5 today from Everett to Puyallup it took us three hours but we got to the second client on time but we missed the first client entirely thank you to the traffic. We saw lotta Puyallup and we saw a lot more Puyallup because we kept getting lost, the fair is over so there wasn’t even traffic. We missed so many highway exits that we really drove around Puyallup for about three hours and then we had to find a Jiffy Lube because the car started acting up.

Cathy managed to get to client Appointments completed and while she was busy taking care of Medicare clients I went and visited the Worksource’s to talk Girandola, idea to lunch and dropped by the Library.

We landed in Wenatchee at 2 minutes to 9 just in time to see the lights go out at most restaurants. Thank you Olive Garden for being friendly, open and a good stiff liquid offering a meatball for Buster!

Why are we out here? This is the service that Kathy Miller of the Miller connection provides to her clients. “Good I meet with my Medicare people no matter where they are to educate them every year on their upcoming benefits to make sure that their medications are all covered and that the current coverage meets their needs for the next year.” Every week every year they have a six week period in which they can make changes so she meets with every client that wants to have a meeting with Kathy. Besides her and her dog Buster love Road tripping, she is taking photos along the way.

Me I am just out handing out rack cards to Worksource’s and public libraries  and educating people on SEAP self employment assistance program. For those people drawing unemployment entrepreneurship can be an option. Learn to build a business while they draw benefits rather than doing work search and looking for another job.  I teach entrepreneurship. Girandola Academy Seapwashington.com.