Business Launching
Upon initial business evaluation to determine viability of the project, and how passionate you are about it, CSF will lay forth a strategic plan that will work you, your passion, motivation, and determination so that your organization creates the dream you want.

Creating Winning Strategies
By evaluating your systems and processes, we develop individual strategies that work together with your master plan for your success. Our work enables you to look beyond the moment and put into perspective where time is best spent.

Process Clarification
If your processes aren’t working or are holding you back, we help to simply and clarify the procedures to make the processes work. As a result, this system allows you to grow. In an effort to head off complications that can arise with growth, steps are preset up to evaluate further your policies and procedures. Doing this reduces your stress and allows you to be more proactive and a leader.

services-1Negotiating with Taxing Authorities
Feeling the heat? By analyzing your financials, a proactive plan is developed to approach the taxing authorities with. Having professionals on your team with a repayment plan gives you more credibility.

Identifying and Assessing Mitigating Risk
Why re-invent the wheel? Our team looks at the issues growing businesses and startups have. By setting up predetermined policies and procedures, disaster recovery is minimized.

Staffing Solutions and more…
We offer advanced solutions that make it simpler to find, manage and place the right people in the right place to run your business more efficiently and more cost effectively. As well as to help train your people to become better teams. Having loyal, respected, gratified teams cuts down on turnover, and reduces the high cost of training new employees. Building the right team is an integral part of your success, we offer services to assist with interviewing, reference checking and hiring recommendations.

Trainings Available:

Certified Dependable Strengths Articulation Process
The DSAP is the most effective method known for uncovering hidden strengths, unlocking potential, finding meaningful work, and increasing career and life satisfaction. From decades of experience, we know success and fulfillment are built upon strengths – what you CAN do, not what you can’t!

This is a 3 day workshop, we can schedule for your team of 8 or more.

Work with You

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